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Mazda’s new drive-mode technology is designed to take you any place you want to go.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that our freedom should not be taken for granted. Mazda vehicles are designed to facilitate your freedom, and the manufacturer’s new Mazda Intelligent Drive Select technology, Mi‑Drive, takes this to the next level. That’s because it allows you to change your vehicle’s drive mode at the toggle of a switch, to suit virtually any surface the car is on. So whether you’re driving off-road, towing a trailer, or simply want to enhance your car’s dynamics on a beautiful driving road, Mi‑Drive helps ensure your Mazda vehicle always performs at its best.

Normal Mode

Designed for use on surfaced roads, Normal Mode provides a fantastic everyday driving experience, with an emphasis on balancing fuel economy and performance. It is a truly versatile mode that brings out the best in your Mazda, both around town and on long-haul journeys, providing comfort and practicality for drivers and passengers in a wide range of scenarios.

Sport Mode

Mazda builds cars that enhance the driving experience, and Sport Mode represents a physical manifestation of the carmaker’s driving philosophy in action. Select this mode on a winding road and your car’s engine and transmission characteristics adjust to increase responsiveness, while acceleration becomes more aggressive. You can even enjoy Sport Mode in the city. A unique transmission schedule gives you powerful acceleration when you need it, such as merging onto a highway.

Off-road Mode

Mi‑Drive enhances the driver experience across a range of different surfaces, and Off‑road Mode (available on select i‑Activ all-wheel-drive Mazda models) allows you more freedom than ever to explore the great outdoors. When activated, a suite of advanced technologies is engaged, so that whether you’re driving through snow, sand, or loose ground, the technology is designed to help maintain stability as well as Mazda’s trademark driving qualities. GVC Plus is customized to provide grip on slippery surfaces, while a combination of torque, transmission and engine profiles works seamlessly in the background to provide peerless off-road capability. This leaves you free to enjoy your outdoor pursuits with confidence and in complete comfort.

Mi‑Drive, Mazda’s Intelligent Drive Select technology, puts freedom at your fingertips.

Towing Mode

Whether you’re pulling a boat out of the water or a trailer to a campsite, towing a large weight will heavily compromise a car’s driving characteristics. Mi‑Drive’s Towing Mode is designed to reduce this impact, and deliver a near-normal driving experience on a variety of surfaces. Clever tuning of the i‑Activ all-wheel-drive system increases torque to the rear, offering enhanced stability on both freeways and unpaved roads, while GVC Plus is tailored to increase traction across uneven ground. The car’s gearbox enters an optimized mode to maintain the right RPM and torque levels for easy towing. Towing Mode is currently available on the Mazda CX‑50, when powered by Mazda’s Skyactiv‑G 2.5L Turbo engine.

Words Tommy Melville

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