A vision of elegance


A vision of elegance

When Ikuo Maeda became the head of global design at Mazda in 2010, no one foresaw how much this one man would change the fortunes of the company with his singular vision.

Mazda has long been known for making cars that are great to drive but Maeda also wants them to appeal to the senses. He introduced a design philosophy to which all Mazda cars created under his leadership ascribe to: Kodo – Soul of Motion. It’s a unique expression of soul and personality that has evolved over the years. And perhaps the crowning glory of this philosophy so far is the Vision Coupe Concept, which signals the direction that Mazda design is taking.

This striking four-door car, with its elegant, refined minimalist interior and exterior takes its design cues from ancient Japanese aesthetics – the idea that less is more, that not all space needs to be occupied in order to present beauty. The Vision Coupe embodies this. The exterior’s simple form constantly reflects the surrounding scenery creating a rich variety of expressions on the body’s surface through an ever-changing shimmer of light and shade.

Mazda wants its cars to be viewed as highly prized artworks and since Maeda’s appointment, the company is one of the most decorated, winning prestigious design awards worldwide.

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