Moments of Mazda Happiness


Moments of Mazda Happiness

Mazda insist that their cars make you happy. But, is it true? We collected stories from drivers across the world to discover what makes them #MazdaHappy. 

Mazda takes fun very seriously. Their commitment to the ‘joy of driving’ can not just be seen across their entire range, which brims with signature technology and captivating designs, but also felt through exhilarating driving dynamics and reassuring safety features. In essence, each Mazda rolling off the production line in Hiroshima is designed to deliver the most uplifting drive experience possible. Here, a smile is the most important metric.

To find out just how Mazda is baking happiness into every one of its head-turning designs, Mazda Stories connected with a group of drivers, enthusiasts and employees stretching from the rocky coastlines of western Canada to south-eastern Australia by way of bustling central Europe.

The Canadian Car Camper

“My Mazda has been my port in the storm, I will always love her.”

Lacey gallant: ALberta, Canada

For Lacey, her Mazda 3 isn’t just a car. The small hatchback has played a big part in gifting her “some of the best moments of my life,” she says. “But, it has also been there for me during the worst.” having just returned from an epic 200,000km cross-country roadtrip in her Mazda 3 hatchback, it was a journey not just of sweeping roads and mountain passes, but of personal growth, dutiful friendship and never-ending adventure.

The MX-5 Master

“It’s the perfect recipe for unforgettable drives and thrilling adventures.”

Peter dannock: Melbourne, Australia

Owning not one Mazda MX-5, but six of them throughout his life, Melbourne-based Peter is a member of the Mazda MX-5 club of Victoria and Tasmania, a 1000-strong club that celebrates one of Mazda’s most celebrated vehicles. Remarkably, in 2023, Peter clocked over 15,000km across the “winding roads” of Europe, in a bucket-list trip he purchased an MX-5 especially for. “The Mazda MX-5 epitomises what it means to have a spirited drive,” he says.

The Instagrammer

“The car has a certain personality…I still smile every time I see it.”

Jonathan Oliva: SAN JOSE, USA

Jonathan, or @jonlovingscx30 as he’s known on Instagram, is passionate about his Mazda CX-30 and the joy it brings him. Whether that’s snapping the SUV at sunset, or cruising from sunny San Jose down to Monterrey and then down through the 17-mile drive toward California’s picturesque Pebble Beach. “The perfect day,” in the CX-30, he says, which has been affectionately nicknamed Alexandria.

The Roadster Roamer

“A car can be such a special space, you can just get in and it makes you smile.”

Yuna Koda: HIROSHIMA, Japan

Yuna Koda, who works within Mazda’s Global Brand Promotion Department and drives a Mazda MX-5, not only appreciates how the eye-catching vehicle is made from an insider’s perspective, but also how it creates communities and connections with other people. “I think the great thing about owning a MX-5 is not just the appeal of the car itself, but also the people you meet when you own it,” she says.

“Also, driving can lift my mood and put me in a very positive mindset,” she continues. “Driving on a new road helps me to reset my thoughts and clear my mind.” For Yuna, working on local community collaborations within Mazda’s hometown of Hiroshima is just as exciting as driving her MX-5 roadster. “I feel that we have been able to bring some excitement and delight to the community,” she says.

The Wilderness Wanderer

“It’s now my favorite car that I’ve ever owned.”


Megan Stancik, a US Army veteran now working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, took her Mazda CX-3 on a journey from Pennsylvania to Alaska. This cross-country odyssey saw Megan tackling blizzards in the mountains of Montana, facing “rough terrain” in British Columbia and plenty of challenging driving conditions in Alaska following a bout of permafrost throughout the state. After clocking up over 8600 miles, “the CX-3 is still going strong,” she says proudly, and is “now my favorite car that I’ve ever owned.”

The Electric Convert

“The Mazda team built a vehicle specifically for people who enjoy driving.”

Gerry Cox: PORT COQUILAM, Canada

Once a motorcycling enthusiast, Port Coquilam-based Gerry Cox now waxes lyrical about the joys of EV ownership, and the like-minded drivers he and his wife, Lynn, meet on the road in British Columbia and further beyond. “We plan to enjoy driving it for many, many years,” he says. “The MX-30 is a great conversation starter with others we meet.”

The Lifelong Mazda Fan

“They put a smile on my face whenever I’m driving.”


For Matt Kessler, buying his first Mazda, some 50 years ago, was all about having “faith in this little innovative company and its rotary engine,” he says. Having driven a Mazda RX-3, an RX-4 wagon for a number of years, Matt now has a triumvirate of Mazdas at home: a 1999 Miata 10AE, a 2017 Miata RF Grand Touring and a 2020 CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve. “They have been like family members now for 50 years,” he says happily.  

The Mazda Insider

“We aim for a harmonious blend of elements… .each material complements the overall design.”

Alena Gersonde: BERLIN, Germany

Alena, a Senior Designer at Colour, Material and Finish at Mazda Motor Europe, finds that contentment and joy don’t just come from a drive, but can also be expressed in the form of unified design. This philosophy stemmed from her family, as her grandfather was a car mechanic and her father a graphic designer. For Alena, an owner of a Mazda and a fan of its quality and comfort, every curve, outline and silhouette presents an opportunity for creative expression. “The intersection of sustainability, advanced materials, and evolving consumer preferences opens up exciting possibilities,” she says.

Are you #MazdaHappy? Use the hashtag and share your story across social media this International Day of Happiness (March 20th).

Words Ed Cooper